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We are interested in all kinds of pharmaceuticals. We have in the past been very successful with popular consumer drug sectors. Such as anti-impotence, weight-loss, hair-loss, and metabolents. We are keen to work in these and other sectors so contact us today.    

Agricultural Chemicals

Our agricultural imports are the core of our business. We import everything from Fertilizers, Herbicides, Fungicides, PGRS, Seed-Treatments, Pesticides, Antibiotics, Seed and other Agro-chemical products. If you can supply us with these; in bulk, at competetive prices contact us today.

Beer, Wine Spirits

This is our most recent venture and we are currently able to source a wide range of branded alcoholic beverages from a number of different markets. We have customers operating at both wholesale and retail level and we also used to supplying corporate entertainment, clubs,special events, parties and weddings. No order is too big and no order is too small.

Personal Care

We are building up our personal care lines. We have reliable partners for products such as  Aquafresh, Benecol, Beechams, Macleans, Johnsons Baby, Neutrogena, K-Y, and Splenda.  If you can supply us with these, or others; in bulk, at competetive prices contact us today.

At Thames Trading we are committed to ensuring the credibility and authenticity of the branded products we source, distribute and sell, thus allowing our customers complete peace of mind.  We also make every effort to ensure that our suppliers and customers always adhere to local legal requirements and regulations.